Reverberation chamber

A reverberation chamber is a special acoustics laboratory used for the determination of the acoustic effectiveness of room-parts or fabrics. It is designed so that sound reflects to a very high extent on all its walls and is evenly distributed in the room. This results in a strong reverberation having a long reverberation time.

The construction of a reverberation chamber decides its quality, which, amongst other things, is demonstrated by it having a long reverberation time and an even sound field.

The walls of the room are made of closed-pore, sound-proof concrete, which absorb hardly any sound. To avoid resonances, walls and ceilings are not parallel. Plates are hung in the room that serve as diffusers and distribute the sound in all directions. As a signal source, loudspeakers that emit sound in all directions are placed in a corner of the room.

Since all the objects placed in the room will be sound-absorbing, all the measuring apparatus – with the exception of the sensors – is located, along with the operating personnel, in an adjoining room.

AS_Architecture_Reverberation Chamber