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Enhanced process quality: SEFAR 3A – Stretching clamps


The progressive build-up of the clamping pressure and the lifting function of the SEFAR 3A stretching system enhances its perfor- mance by reducing the reject rate. Why? The mesh can’t slip out the jaws and eliminates friction between fabric and frame.

This means you are able to work with faultless, evenly-stretched screens. Day after day. Another plus point: The SEFAR 3A clamps are suitable for all screen printing mesh – regardless of screen size, materials or thread count. All of this with ease of handling and quick adjustments to the next frame size.

Product features

Modular single or dual-circuit pneumatic system

Progressive build-up of the jaw pressure

Raising and lowering function of the jaws

Jaws having widths of 150 and 250 mm

Stroke length of 75 or 145 mm

Max. mesh tension of 40 N/cm

Easy opening and closing of the clamping jaws

Robust construction

Customer benefits

Rapid conversion to different frame formats
and no restriction on frame sizes

No slippage of the mesh from the clamps

Precise and kind-to-the-mesh stretching process

Simple and practical operation without excessive force

Consistent reproduction of high tension values obtainable

Pre-tensioning of the frame guarantees uniform tension values

Suitable for synthetic and wire mesh

Minimum maintenance necessary

SEFAR 3A / 150

PS_Equipment_3A-150 b

Jaw width 150 mm
Stroke length 75 mm

SEFAR 3A / 250

PS_Equipment_3A-250 b

Jaw width 250
Stroke length 75 mm

SEFAR 3A L/150

PS_Equipment_3A-L150 b

Jaw width 150 mm
Stroke length 145 mm

SEFAR 3A L/250

PS_Equipment_3A-L250 b

Jaw width 250 mm
Stroke length 145 mm

Stretching process safety: Single and dual-circuit Sefar pneumatic systems



The programmable single or dual circuit electronic control unit in combination with SEFAR 3A

For pneumatic stretching systems there are two possibilities to allocate the air supply: Single or dual-circuit systems – complementary alternatives for optimal, balanced tension for all types of mesh and frame sizes. Single-circuit systems are recommended for frames having side lengths up to 150 cm.

For frames having sides longer than 150 cm dual-circuit systems are recommended.

Product features

Available as single or dual circuit system

Fully automatic tensioning process

Programmable for up to 50 different multilevel
tensioning processes

Serial interface to SEFAR Tensocheck 100

Customer benefits

Tensioning to precise levels

Increased productivity and process reliability



The simple control unit in combination with SEFAR 3A



Universal, ergonomic and compact control unit in combination with SEFAR 3A

Everything perfectly prepared – SEFAR Tensocheck 200

tensocheck 200-glass-on narrow

SEFAR® Tensocheck 200 the electronic gauge for monitoring screen tension. Its outstanding advantages: Its excellent value for money and ease of use. Our upgraded SEFAR Tensocheck 200 offers a range of additional features that are not available in any comparable product on the market. 

Product features

High accuracy: Up 29.8 N/cm the resolution is 0.2 N/cm, over that, 0.5 N/cm

Exact readings in measuring direction

The highest process reliability and reproducible results

WiFi connection allows remote control and data transfer

Rechargeable battery via USB C connection

High-contrast LCD color display

Customer benefits

Accurate, repeatable and documented screen tension

User-friendly operation

Independent monitoring of the zero position using the glass control plate

Measurement unit selectable by press button (N/cm or mm)

Adjustable automatic shutdown prevents from energy waste

Long energy supply and easy rechargeable

Remote control through smartphone or PC via WiFi

CSV logging of the easurement data through smartphone or PC via WiFi