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Coolant Filter Belts

By using customized Sefar filter belts, the result is perfectly purified coolant ensuring a constant surface quality of the work piece, as well as a long tool lifetime.

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Sefar filter solutions for Coolant filtration

The Sefar coolant product range is dedicated to filters using cooling fluids in the metalworking industry, steel mills and automotive sector. The main advantage of Sefar filter fabrics, compared to traditional media, is the possibility of keeping filter efficiency and the average flow rate at extremely high levels. By using Sefar filter belts, perfectly purified coolants provide a very good surface finish and a longer tool lifetime.

Product features

Customer benefits

High permeability

> Improved filtration capacity
> Allows higher flow rates

Maximized number of pores

> Higher throughput possilbe
> Constant high filtration rates

Unique particle retention

> Perfectly purified coolant
> Longer tool lifetime

Smooth fabric surface

> Provides good cake release

Superior tracking stability

> Extended service life reduces costs

Fabrication solutions

In collaboration with leading manufacturers custom-made filter belts for coolant filtration have been developed for vacuum, pressure, suction and gravity filtration systems. The belts are tailor-made to the requirements of equipment. In addition to the innovative closure system, edge sealing, magnetic strips and transport bars are available to perfectly suit your application.


Belt closure

FS_IF_Equipment_Coolant belt_11


Edge sealing with
magnetic strip

FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum belt_Fabrication 08


Transport bars

FS_IF_Equipment_Vacuum belt_Fabrication 09



Belt closure customized, particle tight, quick and easy installation


Coated edges to guarantee perfect sealing
Embeded contactless magnetic stripes


Transport bars for large vacuum filter


For a simple and efficient belt installation, Sefar offers helpful mounting aids.

Most closures can be re-opened after having been closed.

Sefar filter solutions for OEM

Our products meet the specific needs of these filtration applications and are successfully running all over the world on all known coolant filter belt brands and OEMs, such as:


Barnes Intl.

Aqseptence (Bilfinger, Diemme)

Bürener (BFM)

Blechtechnic (Deckel Maho)

Dürr Ecoclean



Fuhr Filter Technology











Liqui Filter

Mann & Hummel



Oberlin Filter




Span Associates

Woodai Intl.

Equipment in use for Sefar coolant belts

FS_IF_Equipment_Coolant belt_Coolant belt 05

Vacuum belt filters

IF_Equipment_Coolant belt_Hydrostatic belt filter

Hydrostatic belt filters

FS_Equipment_Coolant belt 11

Pressure belt filters

Filter media technology

Sefar’s ‘Double Layer Weave’ technology mechanically combines fine filter fabric with robust supporting fabric. When compared to traditional filter media, SEFAR TETEX DLW Coolant maintains a higher flow rate, while at the same time providing improved particle retention.

The new designed SEFAR TETEX DLW Coolant has a higher filtration capacity while at the same time providing an improved particle retention. We offer solutions for your challenging processes and match every task of coolant filtration in small and large centralized systems. Furthermore, optional belt edge sealing, transport bars, magnetic stripes and special user-friendly belt closures complete our offer.

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