Our Core Values


The five Sefar core values generate TRUST.

TRUST is the basis for a successful cooperation among people.

This successful cooperation generates value for all stakeholders.

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Our actions or how we do things

We say what we do and do what we say.

Everything we do, we do in a professional way and in good quality.

We communicate in an open, direct, honest and comprehensive way.

Ownership Mentality

Our thinking and motivation

We feel and share a great passion for Sefar and for our duties.

We act and decide as if Sefar was our own company.

We pursue our businesses with a long-term and entrepreneurial vision.

Customer Focus

Our value creation

The needs and requirements of our customers are at the center of our thinking and acting.

Our solutions and performance generate a high benefit for our customers in a mutual win-win situation.

Honesty and Integrity

Our personality or who we are

We are honest and straightforward, on the basis of respect and fairness.

We approach our fellow human beings with a positive mindset.


Our balance of interest and responsibility

We ensure the long-term success of Sefar by thinking and acting along a sustainable path.

We balance the interest of all stakeholders and are a good corporate citizen.