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Printed Circuits

Screen printing mesh for the electronic industry.
Perfect fabrics for new stencil standards in industrial environments and impressive print results.

PS Sujet Electronics_PCB
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Performance, innovation, reliability: Printing in the electronic industry

The printed-circuit board industry has been using screen printing as a valuable part of its manufacturing process for over 50 years.

Although there are other technologies competing with screen printing, it is still the fastest and most economical way to achieve large-volume PCB production.

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Our offer. Your benefit:

Technology and quality of the world’s leading manufacturer

Wide product range for all requirements from stock

Innovative products providing maximum efficiency

Individual support for your printing projects

Lean, efficient production, in both stencil preparation and the printing process

Sustainability, safety and reliability of supply to the finished printed product

Local, world-wide cooperative partnerships with Sefar’s support teams

Increase the competitiveness of your business

Ever-smaller and ever more powerful – Printed circuit boards

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Etch- & plating resist

Solder mask

Legend marking

Carbon paste

Plugging paste

Via hole filling

Surface mount adhesive

Heat sink paste

The ongoing miniaturization and increased performance of printed circuit boards puts ever-increasing demands on their manufacturers. Make sure you get the best possible results and predictable and consistent reproduction quality by using our screen printing solutions from the application tailored, competitive and the versatile performer SEFAR PET 1500.

Conductive layer with big impact – Thickfilm applications

PS Electronics_PCB_Thickfilm



Fuel cells


Screen printing is the method of choice for the production of printed electronics and thickfilm components. It allows you to realize a wide range of printed film thicknesses with maximum production speed, various ink systems and particle sizes. It is crucial to select the right mesh, whether as combination or pure polyester stencil. Choosing SEFAR PME and SEFAR PET 1500, will help you to achieve individually and easily your desired electrical conductivity and ink deposit.

SEFAR PME – The best performing screen printing mesh


SEFAR PME is the screen printing mesh for use in the industrial environment. It is based on an innovative, high modulus polyester yarn developed by Sefar having extraordinary tensile strength combined with very low and evenly-balanced elongation. SEFAR PME sets new standards in the stencil making process. Its quality printing results are hugely impres- sive in the most demanding and innovative printing applications.

SEFAR PET 1500 – The screen printing mesh professionals use

PS PET 1500 Mesh 01

SEFAR PET 1500 is the best stencil carrier for an almost infinite number of screen printing applications – the most wanted for decoration of any printable substrate. SEFAR PET 1500 is available in the largest range of different screen printing mesh types.