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Fabric solutions for the Aerospace industry

Tightly controlled production processes guarantee the precise fabric properties you expect from Sefar’s products. Sefar’s manufacturing is known for providing lot-to-lot repeatability of critical parameters.

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Material features

Sefar offers a wide range of filtration media and highly industrialized fabrication capabilities.

Inherent to our synthetic materials are:


Good fatigue properties compared to metal mesh

Easy to handle and no sharp edges

High strength and tear resistance

Non-shedding properties

Open mesh fabric

Closed mesh fabric

Depth filter material

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High precision and reliable mesh opening

Low pressure drop

Various surface modifications available

High performance polymers for extreme and harsh conditions

FS_Fabrics & Media_Monofilament, Twill weave

Highly efficient particle retention

High throughput

Excellent surface properties

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Highly efficient particle retention

Low pressure drop

Resistant to corrosion caused by fuels and blends

Maximized filtration area

State-of-the-art bonding technology

Fabrication & Converting Solutions

Information on our fabrication capabilities can be found by following the links below:

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FS_FC_Fabricated Products_Adhesive filter components_Double-layer


For further information please call us, we will also gladly send you fabric samples!