SF_Smart Fabrics_PowerHeat NT 08b
Smart Fabrics Multifil Heating

SEFAR PowerHeat

The SEFAR PowerHeat fabric consists of polymers, copper strands and electrically conductive yarns and is ideally suited for applications in the automotive industry, healthcare and home textiles due to its integration versatility.

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SF_Smart Fabrics_PowerHeat NT 08b
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Smart Fabrics Multifil Heating
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SEFAR PowerHeat – Heating fabric

The PowerHeat heating fabric is flexible, efficient and can be integrated into most production processes.

PowerHeat brings you versatile benefits:

Highest energy efficiency

Light and thin

3D mouldable

Safe - no hotspots


Process integration: injection, foaming, laminating, gluing in

Free shaping and any cutting to size

Various voltage and power ranges (up to 50V AC / 120V DC and up to 2000W/m²)

Very fast heating time

First class value appeal


Isolated as required

High air permeability

Partly self-regulating thanks to PTC characteristic

SF_heating_free cut to size

Free cut to size

SF_heating_quick heating up

Quick heating up

SF_heating_continue to function, even if damaged

Continue to function, even if damaged

SF_heating_Easy integration trough flexible fabric

Easy integration trough flexible fabric

SEFAR PowerHeat Fabric

Smart Fabrics Heating PowerHeat normal

Normal view

Smart Fabrics Heating PowerHeat Infrarot

Infrared view

Area performance compared to operating voltage of selected SEFAR PowerHeat fabrics

SF_heating_grafik power density voltage

Power density vs. Power supply

We offer various area power ratings from 10 to over 1000W/m² at operating voltages up to 50V AC / 120 V DC.

Free shaping, back pulls can be heated with bridge electrode

SF_heating_main electrode only
SF_heating_main and bridge electrode

Presentation of a cut of the SEFAR PowerHeat fabric


Automotive interior

Battery and fuel cell heating

Personal well-being: pillows, blankets

Hand tools



Food and drink tempering

Underfloor heating in mobile homes and caravans

Smart Fabrics heating mobility gif

Automotive Interior Heating

Smart Fabrics heating armrest gif

Warming armrest

Smart Fabrics heating trailer gif

Underfloor heating in the caravan/ mobile home

Smart Fabrics heating techtool gif

Heater chainsaw

The PowerHeat heating fabric from Sefar at a glance:

Fast heat-up time, powerful

Extremely homogeneous heat distribution

Very good process integration

3D mouldable, any shape


We offer various area power ratings from 10 to over 1000W/m² at operating voltages up to 50V AC / 120 V DC.