The polyamid mesh of choice for object and tile printing
SEFAR PA is the preferred mesh for printing shaped or 3D objects, and special applications such as ceramic tiles, glass containers, promotional items, and other challenging surfaces.

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SEFAR PA is based on polyamide yarn, known worldwide also as nylon. SEFAR PA is characterized by excellent mechanical properties and ease of processing. SEFAR PA is ideal for printing applications using abrasive inks such as the ceramic industry and its high elasticity is ideal for applications where the stencil has to fit to shaped substrates.

Excellent abrasion resistance of the yarn material

Mesh surface has excellent adhesion properties

High elasticity

Good antistatic behavior thanks to Sefar antistatic treatment

Sefar mesh selector app for smartphones

This app supports the screen printing user in selecting the optimal screen printing mesh depending on the application.

Please download it from the following page:


Screen / stencil maker benefit

Extension of applications

Homogeneous coating with emulsion

Process reliability when using capillary films and emulsions

Compatible with all standard emulsions

Easy to stretch

Simple, reliable and user-friendly
screen production

Reducing susceptibility to dust in the
stencil production

Reduction of retouching

Printer benefit

Particularly suitable for printing applications using abrasive inks

Longer stencil life when used on critical substrates

Ideal for applications where the stencil material must fit to shaped substrates

Production reliability due to reduced risk
of electrostatic charge

Error-free, smooth and clean printing

Reduction of waste and increased production efficiency

Plastic containers

Glass hollow ware


SEFAR PA is suitable for applications that require the use of highly abrasive colors and wherever the stencil has to fit to shaped substrates: For example, printing on tiles, plastic or glass containers.

PS Ceramics_Ceramic Floor-tiles

Structured and highly resistant floor tiles with SEFAR PA


High density sharp edged bar codes printed with SEFAR PA

PS Glass High-density

High density and sharp contours with SEFAR PA