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Centrifuge Liners & Bags

Sefar manufactures innovative solutions for all types of centrifuges used in the pharmaceutical and food industries as well as for applications in chemical and environmental. Our products are made to meet the specific needs of these filtration applications.

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Sefar filter solutions for centrifuges

Centrifuges operate on the principle of centrifugal force and a filter cloth to separate solids from liquids. High rotational speed provides high centrifugal force that allows the suspended solid in the feed to settle on the surface of a filter media. Washing processes can be applied at the same rotational speed and in the same centrifuge vessel. Centrifuges are used in discontinuous or batch operations. The use of dedicated Sefar fabrics allows reduction of the residual moisture in the filter cake to minimum values. Typical applications are in life science, Pharmaceutical (API, insulin, oncology), fine chemicals where high purity and closed filter systems are required. Further applications are in food (starch & tapioca), minerals (base and precious metals, coal, fertilizers and in environmental (FGD, gypsum).


Depending on the grade of automation, bulk size and solid discharge, there are different types of centrifuges in use that require a filter media:

Bag centrifuge (top discharge)

Peeler centrifuges (vertical and horizontal)

Inverting filter centrifuge

Sefar manufactures innovative filter solutions for all different types of centrifuges used in the chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical, food and life science industries.


Inverting filter centrifuge

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Centrifuge liner

FS_IF_Equipment_Centrifuge_Centrifuge liner 02

Centrifuge bag

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Sefar filter solutions for OEM

Our products meet the specific needs of these filtration applications and are successfully running all over the world on all known centrifuge brands and OEMs, such as:


Comi Condor

KMPT Andritz (smart fix)

Rousselet Robatel



Alfa Laval



MKK Mitsubishi

Riera Nadeu

D. Parik

Sefar filters for centrifuges are matched to the filter machines used, whether they are scraper centrifuges, bag centrifuges, top discharge centrifuges or inverting filter centrifuges. Our ready-made solutions are based on optimized Sefar designs that have been proven in use over decades. Filtration efficiency, life time, certified filter cloths and ease of installation are the key features for your success.

Thanks to our wide range of fabrication capabilities and technologies, we are able to provide customer-specific products for optimal fit and function.

Filter media technology

Sefar’s Double Layer Weave (DLW) technology combines a fine filter fabric (particle retention) and an integrated backing cloth (drainage) in one filter cloth. This fabric is available in a wide range of polymers, such as PP, PET and PEEK giving our customers an excellent solution based on their chemical and thermal requirements.

SEFAR TETEX DLW fabrics are produced in our European weaving facilities using Sefar yarn to meet the highest quality requirements and offer decisive advantages:

Low downtime

High product yield

Ease of installation

Excellent cake release

In addition to our SEFAR TETEX DLW fabrics, we also offer monofilament and multifilament filter cloths under the brands SEFAR TETEX MONO and SEFAR TETEX MULTI. These fabrics serve all of needs of the versatile centrifuge market, such as, maximum permeability and optimal cleaning properties, or maximum particle retention, strength and cloth flexibility.


In addition to our high quality production, based on ISO 9001, Sefar has set the industry standard when it comes to certification. Our filters are available with all required certificates relating to EU and FDA food compliance. The externally validated migration limits of dedicated fabrics (e.g. SEFAR TETEX DLW PHARMA) are underlined by our in-house extractable tests of every batch produced.


Double-layer fabric

FS_Fabrics & Media_DLW 02

With integrated backing cloth for excellent drainage and stability

Monofilament fabric

FS_Fabrics & Media_Sefar Tetex Mono 03

For maximum permeability and optimal cleaning properties

Multifilament fabric

FS_Fabrics & Media_Multifil 01

For maximum particle retention, strength and cloth flexibility

Specially made for life science industries

Sefar controls every crucial production step from yarn production to the ready-to-use filters making it possible for complete traceability of all critical parts.
Our unique market position in life science enables us to supply products to our customers that meet all required quality levels and compliances.


Sefar has perfected its manufacturing processes to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Our exclusive GMP compliant filter products are manufactured in our cleanroom following strict GMP guidelines.


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EC 1935/2004

EU 10/2011

GMP EC 2023/2006 or cGMP


ISO 9001

Single packaging

Labelling options


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