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Rotary Disc Filter Covers

Our ready-to-use covers for rotary vacuum disc and hyperbaric rotary disc filter segments are customized and adapted to the needs of this filter type.
Sefar filter solutions deliver outstanding performance in terms of separation efficiency, residual cake moisture, cake release and abrasion resistance. By using Sefar filter solutions, downtime due to filter cloth change is reduced to the minimum.

FS_IF_Equipment_Disc filter 15b
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Sefar Filter Solutions for Rotary Disc Filters

Sefar offers ready to use, easy to install and perfectly fitting disc filter segment covers for vacuum and hyperbaric operated rotary disc filters.  The filters are found in a wide range of solid-liquid separation processes.

Fabrication solutions

Covers for rotary disc filter segments are available in a wide range of materials and pore sizes to fit the large range of applications. We offer different designs equipped with special zipper or velcro closures as well as edge reinforcement and dedicated sealing to ensure highest possible vacuum levels.



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Edge reinforcement

FS_IF_Equipment_Disc filter 11

Perfect fitting on the segments

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Filter media technology

The SEFAR TETEX line comprises a complete range of monofilament, multifilament and mixed mono-/multifilament fabrics.

SEFAR TETEX fabrics all have uniformly distributed pores and a smooth surface as a result of special fabric finishing. Monofilament fabrics deliver outstanding filtration results. They do not clog during filtration and can be cleaned easily. Multifilament fabrics are used especially for their ability to retain very fine particles, as well as, their mechanical resistance. The mixed monofilament and multifilament mesh combine several of their most useful properties.

Monofilament fabric

FS_Fabrics & Media_Monofilament 02

For maximum permeability and optimal cleaning properties

Double-layer fabric

FS_Fabrics & Media_DLW 05

For maximum lifetime and best filtration performance

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