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Our ribbons are used in a multitude of applications such as automotive and aerospace filters, household and industrial filters, electronic devices, diagnostic test strips, perfusion and transfusion filters in healthcare.

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Ribbons are often the basis for various further processing steps in numerous manufacturing processes for medical devices. They
can also be used for other converting processes that are described below so that a narrower roll of fabric is used. A wide range of
hot and ultrasonic cutting equipment enables the production of ribbons from SEFAR MEDIFAB® and SEFAR MEDITEX®.
Heat slitting involves a roll of fabric that is passed over heated knives to slit the material into a more narrow roll. The temperature
of the knives depends on what material is being passed through it. The edge of the heat slit material has a closed edge.
Ultrasonic slitting machines feature a high frequency vibrating horn which the roll material passes under to melt the edge of the
material. The edge quality is much cleaner with little build up. Different frequencies can be selected on the machine depending
on the polymer type and thickness of the material passing through.
With our exact widths, non-fraying edge qualities and precise winding, we make a significant contribution to ensuring that
subsequent processing steps can be carried out smoothly.


Single or multilayer fabrics can be heat- or ultrasonically-slit into ribbon form.

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Heat-slit edge

Welded, closed edges

For all fabric, except PTFE

Width from 8 mm to 2400 mm

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Ultrasonically slit edge

Closed edge without rim

Width from 4 mm to 700 mm

PA/PP/PET with mesh opening < 280 µm


Ribbons with a width up to 300 mm are wound onto polyester discs with an inner square hole 30 x 30 mm and an outer diameter of 61 mm

Ribbons can also be rolled upon request onto ABS rings with an inner diameter of 76 mm (3")

Ribbons wider than 300 mm are wound onto polystyrene tubes with an inner diameter of 76 mm (3")

Depending on fabric, slitting technology, core and width of the ribbon, rolls can be approximately up to 500m long

Packaging and labeling

Ribbons are packed into PE bags which are closed by welding

Ribbons made of SEFAR MEDIFAB fabrics are double bagged

The label contains the following information:



Dimensions (width in mm, length in meter)

Manufacturing date

Order number

Roll number

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Your Benefits

No fraying edges

Can be used for medical applications (SEFAR MEDIFAB, double bag)

Different types of coils available

Traceability (label)

For industry/application specific use of ribbons see links below:

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