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Fabrics for Membrane Technology

Our wide range of specialized polymer products meets all the requirements of membrane filtration systems. We can thus provide for such major applications as: membrane support materials and spacers with integrated seals.

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Spacer and support materials

The mechanical properties of thin membranes can be improved dramatically by strengthening them through the use of a grid material integrated into the membrane itself.
Sefar’s woven, non-shedding monofilament fabrics with large open area are the ideal reinforcement media; these add strength and reduce swelling of the membrane while allowing high throughput rates.

PEEK and fluorinated products for chemically aggressive environments
or high temperature applications

Excellent thickness uniformity

Unique precision woven fabric geometry

Several surface treatments for all fabric types

Low to no extractables

Wide range of mesh openings, thicknesses and materials

Thinnest material available

No sharp protrusions

Spacers with integrated seals

Custom-gasketed panels

Variety of thermoplastic films


Your Benefits

Spacer materials and support

More turbulence – less fouling (unique precision woven fabric geometry)

Reduced build-up of solids on the membrane surface (increased drainage due to three dimensional fabric structure)

No damage to membrane (smooth surface, uniform thickness and no extraneous particles)

Wide field of application (high performance fibers for temperature and chemical resistance)

Little resistance – high open area (maximized open area by use of unique thin yarn)

Improved adhesion between membrane and woven layer (different surface treatments)

Additional information on our fabrication capabilities can be found by following the links below:

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Please call us for further information. We will also gladly send you fabric samples!

Further details can also be found in the technical list 'SEFAR Open Mesh fabrics' under Downloads.