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Ceramic Elements

Sefar Filtration offers a unique solution for high temperature dust/particle/fume removal to industry.

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Ceramic Elements

Sefar Filtration proudly represents BWF Envirotec, producers of the KE85 range of Ceramic Filter Elements for particle removal in high temperature applications.

The dust removal of exhaust gases at high temperatures at an early stage is being demanded not only from an economical but also from an ecological point of view. Textile filter media made from synthetic fibres reach their limits in hot gas filtration because of their inadequate temperature resistance and their combustibility.

The KE85 range of high temperature ceramic elements has proven ideal for many applications where more demanding environments are evident.

Product Features

High temperature applications up to 850 °C (peaks possible to 1000 °C)

Fibre material is biosoluble to EU Standard Q67/69/EC

Fibre material is harmless as opposed to fibreglass

Not sensitive to sparks

Non flammable

Excellent chemical resistance

Self supporting elements (no cages required)

High air permeability

Lowest emission rates (<1 mg dust/Nm2)

Light weight


Fields of Application

Carbide fumes

Wood combustion

Pyrolysis of contaminated solids

Recycling of radio-active material

Non-ferrous metal smelting furnaces

Catalyst fluidised bed

Waste incineration

Calcinations process

Precious metals