The screen printing mesh efficiency champion for printing functional and decorative glass.

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SEFAR GLASSLINE is the screen printing mesh of choice when it comes to produce various sizes of stencils for the glass  industry. SEFAR GLASSLINE provides the most reproducible printing results for glass applications in cars, buses, trucks and special vehicles. It also offers exceptional image quality and durability for functional and decorative exterior and interior  construction glass, as well as in home appliance glass applications. 

Precise mesh geometry with balanced and low elongation

Adhesion optimized surface treatment

Exposure-optimized yellow mesh coloration

Good antistatic behavior thanks to Sefar antistatic treatment

Knot and fault indication

Industry specific product range up to a mesh width of 4 meters

Manufactured to meet the highest industry standards

Sefar mesh selector app for smartphones

This app supports the screen printing user in selecting the optimal screen printing mesh depending on the application.

Please download it from the following page: app.sefar.com


Screen / stencil maker benefit

Efficient stretching process due to the low and balanced mesh elongation

Best reproduction of tension values, as the mesh geometry is precisely maintained

Excellent stencil adhesion

Reliable and homogeneous coating with emulsion

Compatible with all standard emulsions

Accurate reproduction from the artwork to the stencil

Reducing susceptibility to dust in the stencil production

Reduction of retouching

Efficient, rational stencil production and quality control

Cost reduction thanks to the optimization

Printer benefit

Best repeatability of ink or paste deposit

Consistently high print quality

Reduction of costs due to longer stencil life

Less downtime due to premature stencil breakdown on the printing press during high volume printing

Best edge definition and detail reproduction of heating conductor lines as well as of fine functional and decorative elements

Production reliability due to reduced risk of electrostatic charge

Reduction of waste and increased production efficiency

No suprises on press due to a missed knot

Process reliability thanks to the high quality stencils

Repeatable and uncompromising print quality

Automotive glass

Construction glass

Home appliance glass

Hollow glass

SEFAR GLASSLINE is a wide range of medium-coarse screen printing mesh for industrial printing applications on glass. The properties of SEFAR GLASSLINE are precisely tailored to the needs of the glass industry. Its precise mesh geometry, low elongation, high tensile strength and excellent stencil  adhesion, ensure a lean stencil production process an.

PS Glassline-Application 01

For unchanging quality during high production runs of window heating conductors with SEFAR GLASSLINE 77/195-48Y

PS Glassline-Application 03

For a precise and durable print image on the glass facade with SEFAR GLASSLINE 68/175-95W

PS Glassline-Application 02

Brilliant colors and crisp print edges with UV inks. Printed with SEFAR PCF 120/305-34Y