Coating thickness vs. printing job


Sharply defined prints are attained with a coating thickness of 10 – 18 µm on mesh with 90 threads/cm and finer.

Rule-of-thumb regarding lines

Coating thickness on the printing side approx. 10 – 20% of the mesh thickness. The Rz value is determined using roughness depth measuring equipment. This value represents the average of several measurements of the highest and lowest points on the surface of the printing side.


The thinnest possible coat of 4 – 8 µm results in the thin ink volume required for half-tone prints.

Rule-of-thumb half-tones

Coating thickness on the printing side: approx. 10% of the mesh thickness. Roughness depth less than the coating thickness.

UV inks

When printing with UV inks, the ink volume should generally be as low as possible. As a rule, the coating thickness on the print side of the screen should not exceed 5 µm.

SP_Coating, thick 01

Thickness too low:
Printed line has saw tooth

SP_Coating, thick 02

Thickness correct:
Printed line is sharp

SP_Coating, thick 03

Thickness too high:
Printed line unsharp