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  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Munich House-of-Artists 02

    Munich House of Artists – convertible membrane roof for courtyard

    The Munich House of Artists – meeting point for art and society – would like to make the courtyard welcoming irrespective of the weather.

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  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Buchs_Metzgergasse 01

    Metzgergasse Buchs (Switzerland)

    Breathing new life into the town center!

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  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Bal Harbour 01

    Bal Harbour Shops

    The roof was built for Bal Harbour Shops’ inner courtyard, an event space that required a retractable solution to shield from rain or harsh sunlight, improving the shopping experience.

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  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Radisson Blue Edwardian Hotel 01

    Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel

    In the heart of Surrey, England, the luxury hotel, provides its guest with a new addition – a rooftop terrace, covered with a retractable canopy to protect guests and dining areas in all types of weather.

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  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Tenara_HVB-Bank 01b

    HVB Bank

    Convertible space open-air in good weather and enclosed in bad with enough light entering.

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  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_uni-systems01

    Soho Beach Hotel

    New retractable awning for the garden restaurant and Club Bar of the Soho Beach House.

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  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Bal Harbour 03

    Bal Harbour Shops

    Bal Harbour Shops in Miami Beach, FL is superlative in every respect. The prestigious open-air shopping mall has the highest sales per square foot of any shopping center in the world.

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  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Tenara_BC-Place 02

    BC Place Stadium

    Cable-supported roof of BC Place made with SEFAR Architecture TENARA fabric is the biggest of its kind in the world.

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  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Fortress Kufstein 02

    Kufstein Fortress Arena

    A retractable roof for the Kufstein Fortress Arena allows open-air events to take place also in case of unfavorable weather.

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  • AS_Architecture_f&w_Tenara_Weitra Castle 01

    Weitra Castle, retractable umbrellas

    Weitra Castle contains a rectangular Renaissance-style courtyard with a three-tiered arcade supported on granite columns.

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  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_Wimbledon02

    Wimbledon, Tennis Court

    The retractable roof on Wimbledon Centre Court allows Tennis to be played during rain.

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