Description of two-circuit systems

The two-circuit system is used when the side length exceeds 150 cm.

In the two-circuit system, the clamps on both short sides of the frame must be positioned so that the clamp ends overhang by one frame section width (X). The clamps on each of the long sides must be spaced 10 – 20 cm away from the outside edge of the frame (Y).

The mesh is first stretched longitudinally. After this the clamps on the long side are closed, and the wide side is also is stretched to the same value. In this way both dimensions will be given the desired tension. This technique improves the evenness of the mesh tension.

The two-circuit system uses two independent control boxes. One supplies the short side (warp), the other supplies the long side (weft).


The mechanical control unit features an ergonomically designed surface with which the short and long sides can be independently controlled.


The electronic control unit SEFAR 51 is a dual circuit controller. The short and the long side can be controlled independantly.

PS Two-circuit system02

Detail view