Mean filtration rating

Derived from Bubble Point test method. Data should be used as a guide only to compare overall retention capabilities between fabrics and should not be considered a guarantee of the particle size that the fabric will retain.


A thin polymeric film having pores.

Mesh count

The number of threads in a linear centimeter or inch of fabric/wire cloth.

Mesh geomety

The mesh geometry describes all two- and three-dimensional aspects of the mesh structure. The basic factors in fabric geometry are mesh count and thread diameter.

Mesh number

Indication of number of threads per cm or inch and thread diameter

Mesh opening

Mesh opening is the open area between wires/yarns in the warp and weft direction in the projected plane of the wire mesh.

Mesh tension gauge

Measuring and checking instrument to control the mesh tension. Modern Instruments operate electronically with digital display.

Mesh thickness

The mesh thickness is measured on the unstretched mesh in mm


Single extruded filament


Several monofilaments are bundled together to form a single textile yarn.


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