A screen with apertures of uniform size used for sizing granular materials.

Solution dyeing

Method of adding color to the polymer melt or spinning solution before the fiber is extruded. Also known as spun dyeing or dope dyeing.


The process of extruding polymers to form fibers

Spun yarn

A yarn produced from short fibers

Square weave

See Plain Weave


The squeegee fills the mesh openings with ink and is pressing the stencil onto the substrate.
The edge of the squeegee blade, the squeegee pressure, the angle as well as the material and hardness have an important influence on the printing result.

Squeegee angle

Angle from the screen, in which the squeegee is fixed. The common angle is 75°.

Squeegee pressure

The squeege is pressing the stencil onto the substrate. The pressure should be as low as possible.

Squeegee side

The side of the mesh resp. stencil directed toward the squeegee.

Step exposure

The step exposure is a methode of determining the optimum exposure time. It depends on the characteristics of the photo emulsion, the mesh, the overall thickness, the light source and the distance between the lamp and the screen.

Stretching system

Stretching systems are used for stretching the screen printing mesh before glueing it onto a frame.
We distinguish between:
- mechanical stretching systems
- pneumatic stretching systems

Surface media

Captures particles on the upstream surface with greater efficiency than depth media, sometimes close to 100% and with minimal or no off-loading. Commonly rated according to the smallest particle the media can repeatedly capture. Examples of surface media include ceramic media, microporous membranes, synthetic woven screening media and, in certain cases, wire cloth. The media characteristically has a narrow pore size distribution.

Surface resistivity ( Ω/n)

Expressed in ohms/square. It is numerically equal to the resistance between two electrodes forming opposite sides of a square on the surface of a material. The size of the square is irrelevant. For conductive materials, surface resistivity is the ratio of the volume resistivity to the fabric thickness (r/t).

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