iF product design award

Sefar achieves iF product design award

SEFAR Architecture Vision is a new textile made of special black monofilaments. The basic product range includes six fabrics made of two different threads with different mesh apertures from 25 to 70%. Several metals like aluminium, copper, chrome, titanium, gold or an aluminium/copper combination are used to coat the fabric on one side. This metallic side is also printable while the backside remains neutrally black and offers a lightly reduced transparency to the outside. Laminated inside glass SEFAR Architecture Vision adds a soft textile structure to the glass and reduces solar heat gain and glare if it is used as facade or roof element.

AS_IF Design Award 2010 Logo

Sefar has registred the Vision fabric for the famous iF product design award

and has been assigned.

An international jury has awarded this product. In total 2486 products of 1016 participants from 39 countries have applied for the treasured iF product design award. Therewith Sefar won through in a very qualified and international competition environment.

The iF product design award for Vision is in line with the successful awards for the innovative products from Sefar Architecture Solutions.

After the already received:

■ Material award 2008:

for the photometric and acoustic
effective fabrics

■ Product design award 2008:

for the modular clamping system Light

■ Innovationspreis Textil und Objekt:

for the Vision fabric line

the iF product design award for SEFAR Architecture Vision is alread the forth award in series.