Fabric Ceiling Systems

Quiet Beauty: Acoustically Optimized Fabric Ceiling Systems

Beautiful light, and the comfort it provides the occupants of a space, is the most obvious benefit of a high performance lighting system. It is, without a doubt, the primary reason that architects and designers choose to work with the SEFAR LIGHTFRAME modular fabric ceiling system.


However, an equally important characteristic – unseen – must also be at work to improve the quality of the space. This characteristic is acoustic optimization. A lighting system’s ability to improve acoustics must work in tandem with its aesthetics to provide ideal form and function.


As a result, SEFAR Architecture has introduced a new configuration of its SEFAR LIGHTFRAME illuminated modular fabric ceiling system that allows the system to produce an industry-leading Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) value up to .90.


After extensive product testing, the standard configuration of SEFAR LIGHTFRAME was modified to meet the highest levels of sound absorption and noise reduction without sacrificing the product’s supreme translucency and quality of light.


This acoustic improvement to SEFAR LIGHTFRAME allows the product to deliver an ideal solution for interior spaces – a sound-absorptive ceiling that also delivers true, usable light. The most common applications of SEFAR LIGHTFRAME are offices, museums, libraries and other large interior spaces that are heavily trafficked yet must remain quiet, sophisticated, and pleasantly lit.

As part of its commitment to acoustically-optimized products, SEFAR® Architecture has an exclusive partnership with Decoustics®, the custom acoustic product division of CertainTeed Ceilings. Since late 2013, Decoustics has been offering the full distribution of SEFAR LIGHTFRAME to its nationwide network of architectural and design clients.