SEFAR Architecture VISION Fabric Provides Shading Solution at van Roey HQ, Belgium



SEFAR VISION is a one-of-a-kind product, laminated within glass or other transparent materials as an interlayer to create remarkable exterior facades, curtain walls, windows and interior decorative partition wall systems – all without impeding views from inside. The SEFAR VISION product roster continues to expand since its introduction to North America in 2011. 
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SEFAR Architecture VISION Fabric Provides Shading Solution at van Roey HQ, Belgium


Van Roey, a Belgian construction group, needed a new headquarters building, but it was imperative that it be environmentally-friendly and energy efficient. To achieve this, design architect, Schellen Architecten, also from Belgium, incorporated an innovative shading system on the structure’s exterior. 

For internal temperature regulation, 220 square meters of vertical and 425 square meters of horizontal glass fins laminated with SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric were installed across four levels of the building façade. The vertical panes contain VISION fabric in copper, while the horizontal are laminated with a combination of chromium & aluminum metals. 

Together, the hues elevate the building façade, giving it a more elegant, shimmery appearance. The fins are designed to automatically follow the sun’s path to maintain more even indoor temperatures, thereby fulfilling the client’s desires while aesthetically enhancing the building itself. 

Geometrical elegance and thermal efficiency achieved with SEFAR VISION fabric at 2100 K St. in Washington D.C.

AS_Architecture_Vision_K-Street 01

The building at 2100 K St, NW, in Washington D.C. serves as headquarters to the International Finance Corporation. Shalom Baranes Associates designed a major office expansion as part of a flexible solution to accommodate possible, future enhancements. The geometric design of the roofline and glass fins incorporated into the structure serve to enhance the façade and mirror the sharp angles of the streetscape below. 

SEFAR VISION AL 260/55B fabric was specified as an interlayer to the glass architectural fins which are oriented north and east. In total there are 172 fins, measuring 6 feet tall and 6 inches deep, and approximately 3,500 square feet of glass was used to create this feature. The fabric interlayer helps reduce glare, improve thermal performance and adds a unique depth to the façade design, further enhancing the building’s angles and geometry. 

Thermal Modeling for SEFAR Architecture VISION Fabric

SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric is a highly unique, attractive and functional material with the ability to improve a building’s thermal performance, among other key and aesthetic traits. 

To measure VISION’s performance, SEFAR has developed the enclosure of the spectral values into a well-known software modeling tool for analyzing the glass build up. Architects and facade consultants can improve building performance, and this information can be critical in the design process. Accurate thermal modeling reports can demonstrate the tangible benefits in SEFAR Architecture VISION`s ability to reduce heat gain to a building, thus providing critical design information. Thermal modeling can:​


  •  Complement the building design for a functional and aesthetic facade solution

  •  Reduce the need for exterior shading systems

  •  Allow for the downsizing of mechanical HVAC systems

  •  Save costs in the long run


SEFAR experts can generate a report in 48 to 72 hours, being available:

  •  In ASHRAE or EN Standard

  •  For every SEFAR Architecture VISION fabric style

  •  For a range of glass thicknesses and types

  •  For numerous e-coatings from companies including AGC, Guardian, Pilkington and Saint Gobain

  •  With calculations reflecting complete double and triple insulated glass units


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