Sefar at COMPAMED in Dusseldorf,
November 12 – 15 November 2018

Swiss Quality for your Health

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Sefar represents competence and highest quality of filter media for all medical filtration applications, venting media and wound dressings.

The international Sefar booth team cordially invites you to COMPAMED 2018 and will be pleased to meet you at our booth in Hall 8B Stand N03.

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SEFAR TETEX PORE – Unique venting media

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Sefar offers a range of medical venting membranes for applications such as transducer protection, blood catchers, spiking and transfer devices, intravenous infusion sets, pharmaceutical containers and nasal and eye spray containers.
For detailed information, please contact our Sefar sales representative at the booth.

SEFAR MEDITEX HPL BIO – Biocompatible hydrophilic fabrics for blood and body liquid filtration

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SEFAR MEDITEX HPL BIO boasts hydrophilic surface properties by physical and chemical changes of the yarn surface. This achieves permanent, non-leaching hydrophilic properties, which lowers the chances of possible negative interactions with the patient. Some additional benefits include the exceptionally low water intrusion pressure and biocompatibility. This product is often used in blood filtration applications.

SEFAR MEDITEX COL – Medical colored fabrics


The SEFAR MEDITEX COL product line comprises healthcare fabrics that are colored to meet the requirements of specific applications. Benefits of colored fabrics include corporate identity color, improved process automation, better identification of filter residues, differentiation of fabrics by color.

SEFAR MEDITEX KNT – Knitted multifilament fabrics for medical applications

The need in some medical applications for structural elasticity and softness triggered the development of biocompatible knitted fabrics in the SEFAR MEDITEX KNT product line. Furthermore, these materials have a different touch from monofilament fabrics together with a new visual effect.


SEFAR MEDITEX ACC – Multilayer combination of various properties

The unique multi-layer products of the SEFAR MEDITEX ACC line products are manufactured by bonding different media. This bonding of complementary media permits different media properties to be combined in one material.



SEFAR AG Medical Company Profile

Sefar develops, produces and markets precision-woven monofilament fabrics and fabricated filter components for medical applications.

Sefar’s headquarters is located in Switzerland. Subsidiaries in 27 countries on all five continents ensure direct and unrivalled customer support. The fully integrated medical production in Switzerland, including a class 7 cleanroom, is certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards. This guarantees the highest level of quality and traceability for any of our medical products. Sefar’s commitment to sustainability is highlighted by the ISO 14001 certification.


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