FS_FC_Healthcare_Diagnostics_Test strip 03
FS_FC_Healthcare_Infusion_Infusion set 03b
FS_FC_Healthcare_Perfusion_Perfusion filter 01 b
FS_FC_Healthcare_Transfusion_Transfusion set 02b


In healthcare technology quality, reliability and innovation are crucial success factors. Sefar offers a wide range of precision meshes and highly functional membranes for use in medical technology as well as implants or diagnostic devices in patients.

FS_FC_Healthcare_Diagnostics_Test strip 03
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FS_FC_Healthcare_Infusion_Infusion set 03b
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FS_FC_Healthcare_Perfusion_Perfusion filter 01 b
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FS_FC_Healthcare_Transfusion_Transfusion set 02b
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Healthcare fabrics is one of the fastest growing segments of the medical textile industry. 

Newer approaches and innovations in surgical adhesives and sealants continue to grow, with both momentum and market share building. One area which has seen significant research and exploration is biocompatible fabrics. Polymeric nanomaterials, for example, have been researched extensively for a wide range of clinical applications, such as in drug delivery systems and tissue-engineering scaffolds, thanks to their biocompatibility and non-reactivity.


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Sefar fabrics, precision filters and membranes for medical technology, wound treatment and diagnostics

To meet the ever-increasing demands of medical technology, Sefar has developed a wide range of solutions (SEFAR MEDIFAB, SEFAR MEDITEX) that are unique in terms of functionality and performance.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology (class 7 cleanroom) allows us to create customized solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards (ISO 13485, ISO 10993 and USP VI) for all applications; also, our products are available worldwide. Whether for filtration, separation or protection, our precision fabrics and combinations of them allow targeted usage; the resulting versatility and efficiency make them extremely impressive.

Technology service

A global team of experts allows Sefar to support the R & D departments of our customers worldwide. Therefore, enabling the quick development of innovative and sustainable solutions. Whether pleated elements for an efficient filtration surface, laser-cut fabric parts for precision instruments or ultrasonic-welded shapes – Sefar has the experience, the know-how and the corresponding processing capabilities for a wide range of materials (PET, PA, PEEK).

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  • FS_FC_Healthcare_Diagnostics_Test strip 03

    Diagnostic Test Strips

    Sefar test strips are fast and reliable. Their homogeneous woven structure and hydrophilic surface allow excellent spreading and wicking.

  • FS_FC_Healthcare_Infusion_Infusion set  01

    Infusion Sets

    SEFAR MEDIFAB fabric having a mesh aperture of < 20 µm ensures that during an infusion no foreign particles enter the patient’s bloodstream.

  • FS_FC_Healthcare_Perfusion_Perfusion filter 01

    Perfusion Filters

    SEFAR MEDIFAB fabrics − in the form of ribbons, pleated elements, tubes and bags − increase the performance of perfusion filters and venous/cardio reservoirs.

  • FC_Healthcare_Adhesive-Frame


    SEFAR MEDIFAB fabric as a single-layer overlay or SEFAR MEDITEX ACC as a multi-layer overlay allow unsurpassable professional treatment of different wounds.

  • FS_FC_Healthcare_Infusion_Injection 01


    SEFAR MEDITEX PORE allows precise pressure adjustment, ventilation and aeration of components without the risk of contamination.

  • FC_Healthcare_Implants


    SEFAR MEDIFAB fabric makes production of the highest quality elements for stents and other implants possible.


    Other applications

    SEFAR MEDIFAB and SEFAR MEDITEX allow the production of customized components for use in a wide range of medical applications.