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SEFAR PowerHeat

SEFAR PowerHeat fabric is a light and highly air permeable heating fabric. Our heating fabrics are made according to the customer’s needs and are used in the filtration, automotive, healthcare and home textile industry.

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SEFAR PowerHeat – heating fabrics

The PowerHeat fabrics are woven fabrics usually consisting of wires, PET and electrically conductive filaments. PowerHeat has the following properties:

Customer-specific designs

Quick heating up due to low intrinsic mass

No hotspots

Electrically insulated or not insulated

Energy efficient: high temperature/power ratio

Homogeneous surface temperature

Up to 1000 W/m² heating power dissipation when exposed to air

About 10 – 20 kW/m² heating power dissipation feasible when exposed
to liquids and composites

Light-weight (< 90 g/m²)

High air permeability (> 8000 l/m²/s, depending on fabric design)

Soft: can be placed closely to surface that needs to be heated up

Compatible with injection / back-injection mold processes

Can be pleated

3D-shaping capability

Very quick heating-up curve

Homogeneous temperature distribution at surface

3D shaped heating fabric after thermoforming process

Examples of applications with imbedded PowerHeat fabrics

Automotive industry

SEFAR PowerHeat used in heated head rest

SEFAR PowerHeat as insert in injection molds for automotive interior heating


Heated operation blankets and mattresses

Home textile industry

Heated outdoor lounge chairs used as environment-friendly replacement of gas heaters

SEFAR PowerHeat fabric used in glass lamination

Your Benefits

SEFAR PowerHeat fabrics are designed according to customer needs.

Amazingly quick heating up

Heating power adjustable by PWM (pulse width modulation)

Can be used as an insert in an injection mold component

Can be sewed or laminated into a customer product

Sefar supports you by specifying and defining your product according to your needs:

Fabric size and heating area (length x width)

Supply voltage

Heating power