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FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 10
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FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 12b

Filter Press Cloths

Sefar has extensive experience in the many applications of filter presses and offers ready-made components to fit the customer’s filter plate dimensions, cake-weight requirement, particle retention and productivity.

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Filter press 04b
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FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 10
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Fabrication solutions

Sefar's filter cloths are adapted to the different needs of the customers, like plate dimension, cake weight, particle retention or productivity. As a result, Sefar has developed a wide range of standard and specific designs, making up options for fixations, barrel and rubber neck, or sealing.

Metallic eyelets

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Metallic eyelets

Non-metallic eyelets

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 16

Velcro fastener

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Mounting 01

Easy installation available with several options

Standard barrel neck

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Barrel neck

Waterproof neck

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Waterproof neck

Rubber neck

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 14

Edge sealing

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 04

Edge coating for drop-tight operation

Edge reinforcement

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 15

To avoid leaking in certain cases

Coupled cloth

FS_IF_Equipment_Filter press_Fabrication 13

Support and filter cloths are stitched together to limit movement on the plate

Filter media technology

The SEFAR TETEX line comprises of a complete range of fabrics, including monofilament, multifilament and mixed mono-/multifilaments.

As a result of fabric finishing, all SEFAR TETEX fabrics have a smooth surface and uniformly distributed pores. Monofilament fabrics deliver outstanding filtratio results. They do not clog during filtration and can be cleaned easily. Multifilament fabrics are used especially for their ability to retain very fine particles as well as their mechanical resistance. The mixed monofilament and multifilament fabrics combine several of their most useful properties.


FS_Fabrics & Media_Sefar Tetex Mono 03

For good filtration performance and a better cake discharge


FS_Fabrics & Media_Multifil 03

For maximum particle retention and good mechanical resistance

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