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SEFAR Architecture fabric&light

Modular construction and assembly concepts for textile surfaces having light and acoustic absorption properties.

AS_Architecture_fabric&light_Bus-station_Jona 01
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AS_SEFAR_LIGHTFRAME_Folkwang Museum 04b
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AS_Architecture_fabric&light_LWL-Munster 01
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Luminous & acoustic ceilings and walls, ceiling awnings, lighting design, room dividers, acoustic awnings etc.


Permanently UV-resistant and colorfast fabrics, highly translucent, acoustically significant, VOC free and fire rated.  Low weight per square meter, high functional and aesthetic qualities thanks to optimized technical specifications for fabric manufacture and light transmission.


  • AS_Architecture_f&l Sprengel-Museum01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Sprengel Museum, Hannover, DE

    The museum’s galleries are supplied with daylighting through the Architecture fabric light ceiling.

    Reference: Sprengel Museum
  • AS_Architecture_f&l Steinway-Hall01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Steinway Hall and Showroom, New York, US

    The space inside Steinway Hall is acoustically improved due to these light-technical fabrics benefits to also reduce reverberation time.

    Reference: Steinway Hall and Showroom
  • AS_Architecture_fabric&light_Bus-station_Jona 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Canopy Bus Station, Rapperswil-Jona, CH

    The overhead roof which is made of laminated safety glass and the SEFAR Architecture fabric membrane, ensures protection from the elements and provides shade.

    Reference: Canopy Bus Station
  • AS_Architecture_fabric&light_LWL-Museum for Art & Culturepinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    LWL-Museum for Art & Culture, Münster, DE

    To display and maintain its permanent collections and special exhibitions in an appropriate and modern way, the Westphalian State Museum of Art and Cultural History now has a new building with SEFAR Architecture fabric lightceiling.

    Reference: Museum Münster
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Staedel Museumpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Städel Museum with walk-on roof, Frankfurt, DE

    What is particularly stunning about the 3000 m² extension is the soft, gentle light which falls onto the light floor of the exhibition hall through the 195 circular skylights.

    Reference: Städel Museum
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Youth hostel 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Youth hostel dining room lighting, St. Gallen, CH

    New lighting for the dining and seminar room of the Youth Hostel, St. Gallen.

    Reference: Youth hostel lighting
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Lendenmann buildingpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    House stairway lighting, Abtwil, CH

    A single lighting element running the three floors from cellar to roof in the stairwell of a renovated house gives a pleasant and continuous illumination for people using the stairway. The light-fitting also functions as a balustrade and banisters for the stairs.

    Reference: House stairway
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Room dividerpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Room divider – Designer illumination (delight)

    An exclusive lamp design made using fabric having high opacity. The technical light fabrics allow subtle light, shadow and color gradings.

  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Bau '09 ceilingpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Central hall illumination – Art in construction, Ziegelbrucke, CH

    A 3-part steel ellipsoidal construction covered with trans- lucent technical-lighting fabric printed with clouds - inside each part a large light-globe shines like the sun. A light-well giving a unique lighting effect.

    Reference: Bau 2009 - Central hall illumination
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_TV Studio Standpunktpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    TV Studio ‘Standpunkt’, CH

    A plain and printed screen made using 16 technical-light fabric sheets provide the backdrop for the set of the TV show ’Standpunkte’. The pre-eminent quality of this fabric is its high light-transmission, which is scattered. Together with the special coating, this allows a perfect projected image to be cast upon it.

    Reference: TV Studio 'Standpunkt'
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Aerosystem Partition 01pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Room partitioning system, DE

    A possibility to vary the room dimensions.

    Reference: Room divider
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_PwC Dublinpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Reflection and acoustic canopies for PWC Dublin, IR

    Sefar fabric provide a convincing solution in the office for 2000 employees because of its light reflection, noise absorption and the promotion of environmental well-being.

    Reference: PwC Dublin
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Fatima ceilingpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Light-fitted-ceiling 'Igreja da Santíssima Trinidade', Fátima, PT

    'Igreja da Santíssima Trindade' is the fourth largest new church in the world. The light ceiling incorporates 9600 m2 of Sefar fabric. Whole rolls of fabric were lifted to a height of 15 m and under difficult conditions drawn into the fitted profile creating eighteen 500 m² fabric fields each assembled from 30 lengths of fabric.

    Reference: Fatima 'Igreja Santíssima'
  • AS_Architecture_Interior_FiveAG DerVeg 02pinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    Acoustic lights, Zürich, CH

    For the restaurant 'DER veg' at Sihlcity in Zurich, a lamp that functions not only as a light source, but also has acoustic properties that help to reduce the noise level has been developed and installed.

    Reference: FiveAG DerVeg


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IA-80-CLpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IA-80-CL lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_fabric&light_Sound-absorbtion_ENpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IA-85-OPpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IA-85-OP lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_fabric&light_Sound-absorbtion_ENpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IL-80-OPpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IL-80-OP lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_fabric&light_Sound-absorbtion_ENpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-Spinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Exterior_IE-200-S lumipinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    I/E-200-S luminescent

  • AS_Architecture_f&l System Specifiactionspinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1

    System specifications

Fabric sample request

In order to get the fabric samples you are interested in, please contact us.

Additional information

Fabrics with sound absorbing effects

Example of a construction in applications primarily needing technical light effectiveness
(e.g. light screens and walls). The light source can be on  either side of the wall or screen.

Light transmission

The combination of high-quality technical fabrics with a special coating technology allows a specified light transmission,
light diffusion and transparency. These are so-called light-technical fabrics.
The simulator shows the different lighting effects of different fabric types.

  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Light_ani01bpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Light_ani03bpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


  • AS_Architecture_Interior_Light_ani04bpinit_bg_en_rect_white_20_1


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