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Sefar Solutions for Blood Filtration

All the aspects of form and functionality of SEFAR MEDIFAB fabric in blood filters are characterized by its unsurpassable filter efficiency, well-defined surface properties and high flexibility.

FS_FC_Healthcare_Perfusion_Perfusion filter 01 b
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FS_FC_Healthcare_Perfusion_Arterial filter 01
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High flow rates, precise mesh sizes and the proven biocompatibility of the Sefar fabrics contribute to the excellent reliability and performance of the safety filters, which include, for example, those used in open heart surgery.
Whether used as a cardio filter or in cardio reservoirs, as a pleated filter having a large surface area in arterial filters or as a safety filter in an oxygenator, SEFAR MEDIFAB guarantees high filtration efficiency and highest quality.

Your Benefits

Precise fabric dimensions

Homogeneous material properties

Exceptional lot-to-lot consistency

Well-defined surface characteristics

High throughput rates

Excellent particle retention efficiencies

Non-shedding due to monofilament yarn

Unrivaled two- or three-dimensional stability

Design support by the Sefar engineering team


Venous/cardio filters

Microporous depth filter and woven filters are built into the venous/cardio reservoir.

The filter fabrics serve as highly precise security filters to reliably block particles, blood clots etc.

Arterial filters

The filter surface area is increased through pleating to obtain a high filtration performance.
The thermal properties of polymers, as well as the tuned heat settings, allow an exact fit of the pleat pack to customer requirements.


Woven fabrics serve as a security filter to remove particulate matter.

Product range

FS_Fabrics & Media_SEFAR MEDIFAB

Filtration efficiency

Filtration efficiency of SEFAR MEDIFAB 07-40/25 and 07-40/40 according to ISO 15675.

Water permeability

Comparison of the water permeability of different SEFAR MEDIFAB fabrics having a mesh opening of 40 µm.

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