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Pleated Elements

Our pleated elements are used in a variety of applications or products, such as: cardio reservoirs, oxygenators, arterial filters, appliance and industrial filters, automotive filters.

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Pleated elements

Pleated elements significantly increase the filtration area in a given construction space.
Pleated elements are ribbons which have been pleated together, and then cut to a defined number of pleats. Endless pleated elements are possible with a suitable connection. 
The individual fabric layers are simultaneously cut and welded together on their longitudinal side during the ultrasonic slitting. 
The cutting to a defined number of pleats is done ultrasonically or by other suitable cutting technologies.

Product forms

Up to 5 layers (non-woven depth filter, woven surface filter) are possible

Various filter media and filter materials can be combined (synthetics, steel, glass)

Pleat width ranges from 25 to 1200 mm; 25 – 590 mm for endless pleating elements

Pleat height ranges from 6 mm (one layer) or 8 mm
(multi-layer) to 50 mm

Pleat counts are unlimited

The position of the individual fabric layers, the specification of the filter side and also the number of pleats are all very important and therefore have to be defined precisely.

Packaging and labeling

Pleated elements can be packed into PE bags that are welded shut

Endless pleated elements up to a maximal diameter of 50 mm and a maximal height of 60 mm can be packed in blisters (bigger products in PE bags)

Pleated elements made of SEFAR MEDIFAB fabrics are double bagged

The label contains the following information:



Dimensions (diameter in mm, length in meter)

Manufacturing date

Order number

Roll number

Number of pieces per bag
(except endless pleated elements)

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Your Benefits

Can be used for medical applications (SEFAR MEDIFAB)

Wide scope of dimensions

The customer can send his free choice of filter materials

Optimal utilization of construction space

Traceability (label)

Easy handling (blister package)

Easy disposal (combustible materials)

For industry/application specific use please see links below:


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