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Products for the Automotive Industry

Modern automotive systems depend on precise and efficient filters to achieve maximum performance.
Sefar offers open mesh, closed mesh and depth filter material for various applications.


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ISO/TS 16949 Automotive

Sefar's manufacturing system is geared towards providing lot-to-lot repeatability for critical parameters.
This consistent quality allows automotive injection molders and filter element manufacturers to easily incorporate Sefar products into their manufacturing processes.

Injection filters

Highly precise and reliable screens down to a few microns

Excellent resistance to corrosion by fuel and other automotive fluids

High flow capacity

SEFAR NITEX fabrics range

Fuel pump filters

High mechanical and chemical stability

Good filtering performance

Low shedding construction and high strength

Wide range of SEFAR TETEX MONO fabrics or
SEFAR ACCUFLOW depth filter media

Filters for hydraulic systems

For hydraulic brake filters, transmission filters, power steering filters and hydraulic cartridge systems:

Highly precise screening performance in hydraulic fluids

Good thermal stability in hydraulic fluids

Broad range of SEFAR TETEX MONO and SEFAR PETEX fabrics

Transmission filter

Suction and pressure filters are manufactured using our open mesh fabrics combined with a wide range of depth media, providing the ultimate in filtration protection.

Filter solution for suction and pressure side

Combination of depth filtration media with surface fabric filter media

Stamped elements, pleated elements, multi-layer construction

Filters for the water system

We provide products that can be used for windshield wipers and water reservoirs:

Precise mesh openings

Non-shedding construction

Self-cleaning filtering media


SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

The SCR application involves a system whereby an urea solution (AdBlue) is sprayed into the exhaust stream to reduce the NOx level.

Ultrasonically stamped elements

Pleated elements

Fabrication capability solutions

Diesel conditioning systems

Sefar developed a multi-layer media and specialty coated open mesh filter for diesel fuel systems in order to protect the injection system.

Sefar monofilament open mesh for water separation

SEFAR ACCUFLOW depth media for coalescing

Special hydrophobic treatment

In-house media testing (according to ISO 16332)

Material features

Inherent to our synthetic materials are:

Good fatigue properties compared to metal mesh

Easy to handle and no sharp edges

High strength and tear resistance

Non-shedding properties

Open mesh fabric

High precision and reliable mesh opening

Low pressure drop

Various surface modifications available

High performance polymers for extreme and harsh conditions

Closed mesh fabric

Highly efficient particle retention

High throughput

Excellent surface properties

Depth filter material

Highly efficient particle retention

Low pressure drop

Resistant to corrosion caused by fuels and blends

Maximized filtration area

State-of-the-art bonding technology

Additional information on our fabrication capabilities can be found by following the links below:

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