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Fabric solutions for the Appliance industry

Sefar offers a wide range of filtration media and highly industrialized fabrication capabilities.

FS_FC_Industrial & Appliances_Household filter Combi
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Appliance Products

Inherent to our synthetic materials are:

Good fatigue properties compared to metal mesh

Easy to handle and no sharp edges

High strength and tear resistance

Non-shedding properties

Open mesh fabric

High precision and reliable mesh opening

Low pressure drop

Various surface modifications available

High performance polymers for extreme and harsh conditions

Closed mesh fabric

Highly efficient particle retention

High throughput

Excellent surface properties

SEFAR AntiBac Technology

Sefar has developed a special anti-microbial fabric that does not need any coating and is nonetheless highly efficient. The silver particles integrated in the polymer are a fixed component of the yarn. Silver ions are universally effective against 650 types of bacteria. The respected Hohenstein Institut confirms the strong anti-microbial effect.

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Micro-organism tries to form a colony absorbing Ag+ and dies off after contamination with Ag+

Fabrication & Converting Solutions

Information on our fabrication capabilities can be found by following the links below:


Please call us for further information. We will also gladly send you fabric samples!